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LPSO Reaches Social Media Milestone
7/11/2014 12:18:28 PM

Sheriff Jason Ard and members of the LPSO family are proud to announce that, ‘we have surpassed 20,000 ‘likes’ on our LPSO Facebook account!’

Sheriff Ard says, ‘this is something we take great pride in because our LPSO FB page is one of the ways in which we communicate with the public. We are constantly in search of ways to share accurate information quickly – we’ve found that this is one form of social media that works.’

During the icy conditions of February 2014, Sheriff Ard used the LPSO FB page to convey important messages. For example, there were numerous wrecks reported due to icy roads and bridges. Once LPSO posted pictures of the road conditions and wrecks, we saw a decrease in the amount of crashes. Sheriff Ard says, ‘people heeded our warnings. We were able to show them exactly what could happen if they left their homes before it was safe to do so. To accomplish that was a job in itself – it took a LPSO team effort.’ Each Deputy was instructed to do his or her part to capture scenes – when it was safe to do so. That information was then distributed to our LPSO FB base. At that time, the LPSO FB page was operating with roughly 16,000 ‘likes’.

‘I’ve always said it takes a team effort to keep Livingston Parish safe – especially during emergencies - and to combat crime. With the help of our FB base, thousands are now able to help share important information’, Sheriff Ard said. 

The goal is to continue to grow. The LPSO will continue to look for other ways in which to share accurate information in a timely manner. In the meantime, please share our LPSO FB page – and stay connected!
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