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Thank you for visiting the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office website. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating a website that is informative and functional both for the residents of Livingston Parish and anyone else that wants to know more about the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office.
From Checking your taxes and fine amounts to math homework helpers for kids, the LPSO website has something for everyone.
About the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office

As your sheriff, my primary concern is the well-being and safety of our citizens. To that end, it is the mission of the LPSO to enhance the quality of life for our citizens by reducing crime, making Livingston Parish a safe place to live, work and raise a family.

Value of Integrity:

Is integrity something that can be achieved and maintained while working but ignored in one’s personal life? I do not think so! What is the definition of "integrity”? To us Integrity is the "an unconditional commitment to a code of morals and values”. Integrity is basically the absence of corruption. Integrity is not something that can be displayed only during a 12 hour shift; it requires a 24-7 commitment not only professionally but also personally…. especially when no one is watching.
Value of Teamwork:
Then there’s "Teamwork”: How would you define "teamwork”? The dictionary says that "teamwork” is simply "the combined effort of a group of people”. To us, "teamwork” means working together to accomplish our common goals consistent with our mission and values. One Vision, One Team!

Value of Trust:
Finally there is "Trust”: How do we describe "trust”? We can say that trust is having confidence and reliance on good qualities, fairness, truthfulness, honor, accountability, and integrity.” So as community leaders, we at the Sheriff’s Office must have the trust of those we lead and those we serve. Without it, we cannot successfully achieve our mission.




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