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Livingston Parish Sheriffs Office

Please use the directory below to see how to contact Livingston Parish Sheriff Office members. The directory is categorized by departments. If you're in need of other contact information, please see our General Sheriff Location and Parish Detention location information.
Ard/Jason - Sheriff
Felder/Jamie - C.F.O.
Morse/Col. Ronald J. - Chief Criminal Deputy
Smith/Lt. Col. Brian P. - Chief of Criminal Operations
Steele/Lori - Public Information Officer
Administration / Detention Ctr
Ballard/Ben - Chief of Security
Coates/Capt. Gary - Assist Warden
Coates/Maj. Gary - Warden
Administration / Uniform
Thomasson/Maj. Alden - Chief of Uniform Operations
Administration/ Detectives
Carpenter/Maj. Stan - Chief of Investigations
Varnado/Jack - Captain
Training Center
Brown/Hayden - Captain
Gray/Clint - Lieutenant
McGovern/Capt. Chad - Uniform Patrol
Thomasson/Capt. Alden - Special Operations